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cat-man-du has experienced amazing growth recently and has added several new team members to better meet their clients needs. In 2013 they became the IT department for more businesses in the area than ever before and their sales grew by 20 percent. As a result more team members were needed for the beginning of 2014. Every cat-man-du location in Amarillo, Canyon and Dumas has new talent from network specialists to customer service representatives to help each community get the best service possible.

Chrystal Selby has re-joined the cat-man-du team in Amarillo. She first started in 2007 as a customer service representative. She worked until 2011 and gained expensive knowledge about the computer and IT industry by working with the technicians on a daily basis. Chrystal left to be a stay at home mother to her then 2 year old son. Chrystal has since rejoined the cat-man-du family and is filling the position of lead concierge. According to Chrystal “In November 2013, I was given the opportunity to re-join this amazing company, and I could not be more excited to be back!” cat-man-du has also hired Julie Korinek as their marketing manager. She worked with cat-man-du for five years starting in 2008 helping the company stay involved in the community and better educating the panhandle on the services they offer. Julie took a brief hiatus to get her real estate license and spend more time with her four year old son. During that time she also had another baby boy named Case, who is just 6 weeks old.

Garrett Eggleston has joined the Canyon office as their concierge. He is very outgoing and claims to have “never met a stranger.” He has a total of 7 years in the service industry and is sure to build the best customer relations possible. In his spare time, Garrett loves playing, writing and producing music. Michael Gaines is the new computer technician in Canyon and has been an IT professional for 18 years. A West Texas A&M alumni, Michael is extremely proficient in Windows and Mac OSX operating systems as well as wireless networking with mobile devices. Michael is an avid fitness enthusiast and is looking forward to competing in bodybuilding contests in the near future. The Canyon office has also hired Gary Ohmes, a military veteran with 5 years IT experience and a strong familiarity with Windows and Linux operating systems. He enjoys playing computer games and programming with plans of making computer games of his own.

Dumas now has Johnny Gonzalez as their computer technician. He is known as“Johnny G” and graduated in 2006 from Stratford High School. Johnny attended IntelliTec College and received an Associates as a Computer Network Systems Technician. He is happily married to his wife Monika and is the father of three beautiful children, Joshua, Alexis and Mavis. Before joining cat-man-du he was employed at the Hilmar Cheese Company and then at The Texas Department of Transportation.





cat-man-du is proud to have Ashley Bannerman joining the team. She will be the new concierge and the first person you will see in our Canyon office. Ashley has a background in hospitality and is excellent at making everyone feel welcome. She has been a resident of Canyon for 5 years and loves the community. She has been a caretaker and volunteered at a local retirement home. Ashley is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the proud mother of her 2 year old son who keeps her busy.

cat-man-du has been making changes coming into the new year, and business owners will love what they find. The company has always provided excellent service to both residential and corporate customers, but now the business support side of cat-man-du has its own division. technologies has its own logo, website (, and technicians to help businesses with their IT needs. One of the most exciting new aspects of technologies is their new managed cloud services where business software and data can be stored in the cloud. technologies also has updated managed service contracts to meet the unique needs of every company. The company’s newest hire, Chris Olson, is the head of this new division and is also the lead support technician for all business customers. Chris was born in Amarillo, raised in Panhandle, TX, and grew up working on the family farm. Coming back to Amarillo in 2006, he started his technology career and gained understanding of business networks working at the help desk for a local technology firm. Chris is coming from working a little over 3 years with Merrick Pet Care working in an internal technology support role supporting users, remote sales, and maintaining company servers. His goal is to leverage technology to its highest potential and to provide cost effective solutions to current and future needs. Chris will be at the helm of this exciting new venture brought to you by cat-man-du.

The Amarillo branch of cat-man-du has started a pilot program to buy and sell pre-owned computers. This program was created due to numerous requests by customers interested in buying or selling pre-owned computer systems. cat-man-du is hoping to fill the need for customers that would like to sell their current PC or buy a renovated PC without having to do so online. cat-man-du will only buy computers that are 3 years old or less, and the amount received for the system depends on the value determined by their buying specialist. Once an offer is made the money can be used towards another computer or received in cash. cat-man-du will have several renovated laptops, desktops and possibly even iPhones available to purchase depending on the customer’s needs.

“We are happy to fill the growing need for pre-owned systems,” Jeremy Hollis, lead technician at cat-man-du said. “Every system sold will have to go through several hardware diagnostics and quality control checks to ensure they work properly.”

Each system will have the operating system reloaded by a cat-man-du technician to ensure there are no software problems as well as to make sure no data exists from the previous owner. Each used system comes with a 30 day limited hardware warranty, however the warranty does not cover motherboard or processor issues. cat-man-du will also continue to sell new Lenovo laptops and custom-built desktops.

First, Facebook is now offering full support for encrypted sessions. The new Secure Browsing option will protect against Firesheep and other packet-sniffing and man-in-the-middle attacks. Once enabled, all Facebook browsing will be protected by SSL encryption. The feature is not enabled by default. In order to use the new Secure Browsing feature, you must turn it on in in the Account Security section of the Account Settings page.

Facebook has also introduced a new account verification system. When suspicious activity is detected on an account, the user will be presented with pictures of friends and asked to identify those friends in order to prove their identity. Since attackers are not likely to know who a Facebook user’s friends are, they may be unable to use a stolen password to gain unauthorized access.

Starting July 1st, Facebook Credits will be the only way for Facebook games to collect funds. Facebook has notified developers that Facebook Credits will be mandatory, but that they may still use their own in-game currencies. With this change, game currencies like CityCash and FarmBucks will have to be purchased using Facebook Credits rather than being purchased directly. Facebook has provided advance warning for the change to give developers plenty of time to make the transition. Facebook will be taking a 30% cut out of all Facebook Credit usage. Developers using Facebook Credits will be able to take advantage of advertising incentives.

A researcher has discovered that Facebook photos can be accessed by anyone that knows the right URL, even if the photos are “private”. Every photo is given its own unique URL, and anyone that has access to the photo can copy that URL and share it. Anyone that gets that URL can then view the photo, no matter how the sharing settings on the photo are set. The researcher speculates that it might be possible to guess URLs using automated scripts and harvest private photos. Since the feasibility of harvesting photos with guessed URLs is uncertain, other security researchers are not convinced this is a major issue. This is highly reminiscent of the QuipTxt incident last year, in which thousands of private photos were leaked because of predictable URLs, but Facebook’s URLs are much harder to predict. cat-man-du recommends that sensitive photographs never be shared online or through mobile phones and that encryption be used to protect sensitive files stored on computers or other devices.

23-year-old George Bronk has been convicted after using details scoured from Facebook profiles to answer password recovery questions on the email accounts of over 3000 women, then searching those email accounts for explicit photographs and sharing those photographs on the women’s own Facebook profiles. He also extorted some of the women for more explicit photographs by threatening to share the photos he had already stolen. With so many sites using password recovery questions that can be answered from Facebook profiles, cat-man-du encourages everyone to consider every detail they share online very carefully. It is easy to forget how these details can be used for scams, cracking and identity theft.

Finally, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and Internet celebrity, had his Facebook page hacked and used to post a bizarre message. The message claimed in Zuckerberg’s name that he thought the company should take on a social cause and implied the company should pour its profits into that cause rather than benefit investors. The message appeared only briefly before being taken down. Incidents like this have been affecting many users, famous or otherwise, of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. cat-man-du advises the use of strong passwords that are unique to each site.

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